LA Rams DL Coach Eric Henderson has outdone himself in 2023

Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Coach Eric Henderson
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Henderson connects with his players

If you ask LA Rams fans, they will tell you that the LA Rams defensive front has a cheat code to excellent production because the Rams benefit from All-Pro defensive tackle Aaron Donald. But it's not as easy as just line up and let 'er rip. Offensive coordinators know that Donald is a threat to disrupt each and every play, so they plan accordingly

It's not a matter of scheming to free up Aaron Donald as it is scheming to get the most out of the defensive front on any given play. That means that Coach Henny must not only ensure that his players are in the best position to succeed, but that he has trained them to be selfless and competent enough to ensure that the group, and not one player, makes the play.

#DAWGWORK in action

As an example, check out how the LA Rams stunt the Cleveland Browns offensive line to get a safety. While the focus of the play is on Aaron Donald's power, keep an eye on how NT Kobie Turner rushes to his left, and how OLB Michael Hoecht crashes in to the center, effectively tying up three Browns offensive linemen:

Hoecht got no credit for his selfless play that sprang Turner and Donald free to face just one blocker, and both players won their one-on-one matchups. It's more than who made the sack. The Rams' defense is structured to put playmakers into a position to make the play.

You may wonder if Aaron Donald, an NFL veteran who is playing in his 10th NFL season, has any more to prove. The answer to that question is simply: Nothing. Aaron Donald has nothing left to prove. So why would he come back to play football next season?