LA Rams DL Coach Eric Henderson has outdone himself in 2023

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Coach Henny creates another Frankenstein defensive line

When the LA Rams lost both A'Shawn Robinson and Greg Gaines, there was significant apprehension over the state of the LA Rams defensive line for 2023. That apprehension has limited how NFL analysts, insiders, and pundits have viewed the Rams progress so far this season.

We talked earlier about how the Rams recruited several rookies to assume key roles on the defensive front in 2023. But we didn't fully discuss just how the way Coach Henny approaches training Rams defensive linemen is ideally suited for all levels of experience. Coach Henny is a stickler for getting his defensive linemen grounded early on grinding it out. It's a basic but effective method of ensuring that his players know their roles, but also can play to their strengths.

You need to look no further than rookie nose tackle Kobie Turner to see an example of how Coach Henny leverages a player's innate strengths to optimal advantage. Turner is not built to take on two or more offensive linemen to a standstill. But he is powerful enough to split blockers, tackle running backs, and even make a bee-line to the quarterback. In doing so, Kobie Turner is redefining the role of an NFL NT.

But he never has the chance to pioneer a new style of play without the blessing of Coach Henny.

Welcome back to Rams football

This is the type of Rams football that LA Rams fans love to see. Strong play in the trenches. Quarterback sacks at key moments in a game. And a defense who keeps scrapping until good things happen. It's football with an attitude. The Rams fear no one. This defense can change the outcome of games.

And the Rams defense is getting better, and stronger, with each passing game.

Since their Week 10 BYE, the LA Rams defense has allowed an average of just 76 rushing yards per game, 2.7 quarterback sacks per game, and just 16.3 points per game. Of those sacks, defensive linemen have accounted for 2.2 quarterback sacks per game.

Thank you, Coach Henny. Thank you for putting on quite a show this season, and here's to hoping that there is plenty more where that came from.