3 dream scenarios and 2 nightmare scenarios for LA Rams in 2023

Could the Rams get back to the Super Bowl? Or could the wheels completely fall off?
LA Rams, Matthew Stafford
LA Rams, Matthew Stafford / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Cam Akers proves the past is the past

It's been an interesting start to the career of Cam Akers. From a gruesome injury to seeing tension and a potential release or trade surface the following year, Akers' relationship with the Rams has not always been perfect.

But, the fact remains that he is a very good player when healthy and when given opportunities. If he's able to touch the ball 15-18 times a game, whether it be in the run or passing game, Akers can be a highly effective player. The Rams' offensive line hasn't been perfect by any means, and without Stafford and Kupp, the offense suffered as a whole.

But, in 2023, with everybody healthy, a best-case scenario would be to see Akers bust loose and break out, proving he was worthy of that draft capital and that he can still be the future at the position.

Defense enters the top 15

Last year, the Rams defense finished 19th overall in terms of total defense (yardage). Hardly anyone believes this Rams defense could even finish in the top 20 this year, without Jalen Ramsey, Bobby Wagner, Leonard Floyd among other guys who have left.

But, there is a ton of youth on that side of the ball between rookies taken in the draft and a huge haul of undrafted names. Throughout the summer months, the most ideal situation for this defense would be to see some unheralded names prove to belong. Not only that, but if some of those undrafted kids and rookies developed fast and were able to establish key roles, this defense could hop into the top 15.

It isn't likely, but this would be a dream for fans.

Now, as for some nightmare scenarios, there are a couple that fans absolutely dread happening this coming season.