3 dream scenarios and 2 nightmare scenarios for LA Rams in 2023

Could the Rams get back to the Super Bowl? Or could the wheels completely fall off?

LA Rams, Matthew Stafford
LA Rams, Matthew Stafford / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Injuries to Matthew Stafford or Cooper Kupp

Two of the most important players to this Rams team have been injured in recent years, but the stars aligned for them to win the Super Bowl two years ago. If either Stafford or Kupp are hurt in 2023, though, things will begin to spiral.

This offense doesn't go without either one of them, as evidenced by what we saw last year. Without Kupp, Stafford doesn't have arguably the best wide receiver in the game. Without Stafford, Kupp doesn't have that savvy veteran he can trust and has built chemistry with.

Rumors swirl of a Sean McVay or Aaron Donald retirement

Remember, it wasn't too long ago that the futures of both head coach Sean McVay and defensive tackle Aaron Donald were in question. Reports surfaced of both having uncertainty about their futures in this league.

If Donald decided to hang them up, the Rams' defensive identity would be officially and completely stripped. They have already lost several key veterans over the last year, but if Donald hangs 'em up, that identity gets totally flattened.

If McVay leaves, you could start to see the rest of the key players opt for heading in different directions. Maybe Stafford decides enough is enough. Maybe, the Rams decide to rebuild and look at trading Kupp. Things could get ugly, and fast.

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