LA Rams enter the preseason with a depth chart and many unanswered questions

Los Angeles Rams Matthew Stafford
Los Angeles Rams Matthew Stafford / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

The LA Rams initial depth chart is out, and the truth is that while the first pass may be subject to some tweaking, there are as many questions as answers associated with it. Four of the starting positions appear to remain locked in a competitives struggle, as two names appear at left tackle, offensive center, defensive end, and nose tackle.

While that may not be very surprising overall, it does not settle the persistent questions that have clung to the Rams roster throughout the course of training camp. And now that the Rams training camp is over, it appears that many of the roster decisions will pivot from training camp competition to the preseason contests.

So the LA Rams host the LA Chargers in Preseason Game I. So what are the questions in this one? Rather than saturate you with preseason questions, let's limit our Game 1 questions to offense. So what are we hoping to discover clues to this year?

Question III: Who starts on the Rams offensive line?

The LA Rams initial depth chart had either/or options at left tackle between Joe Noteboom and Alaric Jackson, and at center with Brian Allen or Coleman Shelton. Will we have any clues as to who starts during or after this preseason game? We can only hope. I will be eager to see who the Rams do send out and for how long.

Question II: How does backup QB Stetson Bennett look?

It looks like rookie quarterback Stetson Bennett will not start in Game 1. That may work out to his benefit, as he will have the chance for his nerves to settle before he takes over.

Question I: Will the Rams run the football more this season?

With five running backs on the Rams roster, you should look for the Rams to run more in the preseason. Not only will rookie RB Zach Evans need to get some good carries, but the LA Rams entire running back room will undoubtedly see some action in this one (will the Rams sit starter Cam Akers?).

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Since we truly know so little about this 'new look,' Rams roster, Game 1 will not only give us clues about how to reorder the Rams depth chart, but will serve to point to future questions to ask in the games ahead.