LA Rams fans social media fury over team's latest move in free agency

Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
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Fans reactions are overwhelmingly disappointed

So how did fans react to the news of the team extending RFA OLB Michael Hoecht an Original-Round Qualifying Tender Offer? Let's just say that many fans were very expressive on social media.

For example, some fans recognized his positive contribution to the defense in 2023 and considered that teams exploited his weakness, a weakness that was scheme-related and not talent-related:

Some fans objected to the fact that Hoecht was used too frequently in coverage:

Some fans disagreed with the team in a civil, but stern way:

Some fans were a bit less lucid, and a bit more ... opposed:

Some fans were so shocked that they believed the news to be a prank or a very early April's Fools joke:

Some simply let their emoji do all of their talking for them:

After the dust settles, and the fans grow weary of rejecting Hoecht's return for this season, we plan to revisit the team's entire offseason before the 2024 NFL Draft. But here is a silver lining to keep in the back of your mind.

With this move, there are not 'gotta do's,' for the front office in terms of the 2024 NFL Draft. Whether you want to agree or not, the Rams offense and defense is okay, if not desirably deep, at any position on the roster. The team even has kicker Tanner Brown on the roster for 2024.

That means that of the 11 draft picks scheduled for the team in the 2024 NFL Draft, it's about landing the best player available (BPA). That's a huge win for this team. And I cannot stress this enough, judge the team's final roster. Don't be too hasty to reject individual players this early in the offseason. The team clearly has a plan in place.

This thrilling ride is just 48 hours old. Sit back and enjoy. And as always, thanks for reading.