LA Rams finally file paperwork for a new training facility. But, where?

Los Angeles Rams Mandatory Minicamp
Los Angeles Rams Mandatory Minicamp / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

LA Rams owner Stan Kroenke built the crown jewel of NFL football stadiums by constructing SoFi Stadium, the home field for both the LA Rams and LA Chargers, but the truth is that the Rams seldom benefit from such a state-of-the-art site. With no more than nine regular season games, plus one preseason game, the Rams have the chance to bask in the glory of SoFI Stadium a grand total of 10 times in a year.

The rest of the time, the Rams are training at their current facility in Ventura County. After returning to the Los Angeles area, the Rams licensed a temporary training facility on the California Lutheran University campus in Thousand Oaks in 2017. But this was never intended to be a permanent site for the NFL team, and the result of the temporary nature of the facilities have been less-than-ideal for all of the NFL players who must train and eat at the site throughout summer training camp.

It was the sorry state of the team's temporary training facilities that resulted in horrific survey scores by a recent NFLPA survey that scored the Rams at average or below in a number of key areas of how the team treats players and their families. The plan was always to upgrade those temporary facilities with a new more-permanent site.

Right time to upgrade the Rams training facility

Those plans to upgrade the Rams training facility took a huge step forward when Kroenke purchased a Woodland Hills shopping center for $325 million early in January 2023. Now, there are reports that the LA Rams have filed the necessary paperwork to construct a temporary facility at the Woodlawn Hills location.

Of course, this is just the next step needed for the LA Rams to construct a permanents training facility at the location. And to help you envision what that may look like, here is a Tweet with one scenario:

Of course, there are plans to construct an LA Rams training facility, and then there are plans to develop the entire area. Similar to the site where SoFi Stadium is located, this ultimate goal for this location is to develop shops, restaurants, hotels, and a number of arenas and stadiums to serve as an urban epicenter for retain, commercial, and entertainment venues.

While we do not currently have a time frame nor a budget for the construction, the recent rapid progress indicates that the Rams training facility is a priority for the LA Rams and owner Stan Kroenke right now.

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With the team pivoting to a youth movement, the construction of a new training facility now is well-timed. After all, with so many rookies and second-year players needed to ensure the success of the Rams team into the future, it's the perfect time to upgrade the facilities used to coach them up to the NFL level.