LA Rams free agency tracker: Signings, trades & live updates: Updated 4/22 11:00 am

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There is a smoldering sense of optimism among fans of the LA Rams. This is a team that did what many NFL Insiders, analysts, pundits, and bloggers considered next to impossible to do. Despite shedding elite players, taking on a stifling amount of dead salary cap funds in 2023, entering the draft with no pick in Round 1, and having next to nothing to spend in the 2023 NFL Free Agency market, the Rams turned a 5-12 season around into a 10-7 playoff year.

If you dare to dig a bit deeper into the team's path in 2023, you will find that the team was no better than 8-18 over the past 26 games as they limped into their Week 10 BYE. But then a funny thing happened. The team got healthy again. The young players learned how to win and close out games. But best of all, the coaching staff began to run the football consistently.

The team in 2024 is light-years ahead of where it was at this point in time just one year ago. This is a team that knows what it must do to stay successful. And many of the key contributors are coming back for 2024. Still, some players intend to test their fair market value this year. And others may not be back at all, no matter what the price.

For now, the NFL 'Legal Tampering,' period has begun. Events over the next week or so can lie dormant for hours, then suddenly burst into rapid succession of rumors and agreements that are almost impossible to stay abreast of all updates. We promise to do the heavy lifting for you over the next week. So bookmark our LA Rams free agency tracker, and check in whenever your schedule permits.

Best of all, sit back and enjoy the ride.