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Re-signed free agents (9)

  • Demarcus Robinson, wide receiver (1-year, up to $5 million)
    Robinson was an ideal fit for a limited role in the offense in 2023. His infusion into the team's regular offensive rotation coincided with their 7-1 rally to propel them into the 2024 NFL Playoffs. Now that the coaching staff has a far better idea of what to expect, look for him to expand his role in 2024.
  • Kevin Dotson, interior offensive lineman (3 years, $48 million)
    A priority for the team, Dotson's extension was mandated by two factors. He was an outstanding addition to the team in 2023 and was up for his first non-rookie contract. While he would be one of the best offensive linemen for the team, the front office recognized that the price of interior offensive linemen is about to skyrocket in 2024. He returns to an offensive line that should be far better in 2024.
  • Alaric Jackson, offensive tackle (1-year, $4.89 Million) The team deliberated for some time over the choice of using a Second-Round or an Original-Round Qualifying Tender Offer to bring back left tackle Alaric Jackson. While the team is spending nearly $2 million more for a Second-Round offer, the additional protection of being awarded a Round 2 pick from any team that successfully signs Jackson away from the Rams is a worthwhile investment.
  • Michael Hoecht, outside linebacker (1-year, $2.985 million) While some fans were content to see OLB Michael Hoecht peddle his wares on a new NFL team roster, getting him back for one year at a bargain price of under $3 million is a smart decision. For starters, it resets the team's pass rush to no worse than 2023, allowing for the improvement by young players like Kobie Turner and Byron Young to be true gains in 2024. More importantly, Hoecht is not a 'finished product,' as a pass rusher. Just like Alaric Jackson, Hoecht's 2023 performance was his rookie season as an outside linebacker. By returning to the team in 2024, you can reasonably expect him to improve on his 6.0 quarterback sacks and 81 tackles from 2023. Yes, the team could get another OLB, but nowhere near a player who can put up that many sacks for that bargain basement price.
  • Christian Rozeboom, inside linebacker (1-year, $1.4 million) The Rams did not tender restricted free agent Christian Rozeboom but did extend him. The terms of the deal are not disclosed yet, but we do know that it is a one-year deal that most likely will come in at less than the $3 million cost of his tender offer. Rozeboom's return restores depth to the ILB group.
  • Ronnie Rivers, running back (1-year, $985 thousand) An understudy for feature running back Kyren Williams, Rivers is great value at the price. While he has not seen much action in the offense, he has flashed enough to return at the league minimum. If the Rams add additional RBs via free agency or the draft, he must step up and compete for a roster spot.
  • Larrell Murchison, defensive tackle (1-year, $1.175 million) - I'm unclear why the team had to think about this one. After the retirement of All-Pro Aaron Donald, the team finds itself precariously thin on the defensive line. Even with a robust draft, the team needs bodies for a minimal rotation. Murchison gives the team vital depth and an upside that could surprise some folks. I would not be shocked if the team also re-signs former DT Marquise Copeland in the next week or so.
  • Tyler Johnson, wide receiver (1-years, $1.13 million) - The LA Rams continue to round out their roster before the 2024 NFL Draft, this time extending seldom-used wide receiver Tyler Johnson. The team had been exploring some receivers, but this move suggests that the team will be looking at an offensive tackle or defensive back in the early rounds of the 2024 NFL Draft. While Johnson did not see much action in 2023, his return could indicate that the team has plans to use him this season.
  • Troy Reeder, inside linebacker (terms to be determined)- The LA Rams fans are not thrilled by the return of Troy Reeder, and for good reason. Reeder misses tackles, which is a fatal flaw for a linebacker. He appeared in all 17 games for the team, and started six contests, in 2023. Despite his height and albatross wingspan, Reeder allowed eight completions in nine targets last season. He played 192 defensive snaps, 273 special teams snaps, and recorded 23 tackles in 2023. Reeder's return allows the team to roll the dice on a late round (or post-draft) signing of an inside linebacker, rather than targeting one early in the draft.

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