LA Rams front office blitzes roster to keep Rams running game on track

The LA Rams learned after a Week 6 win that they had lost their top two running backs. So the Rams front office blitzes the roster to ensure that the Rams running game stays on track for Week 7
LA Rams RB Coach Ron Gould
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Rams roster covers all types of RBs now

If you were looking for a pattern to the recent signings to the Rams roster at running back, give it up. The Rams now boast an entire spectrum of running backs. Not only are they all different shapes and sizes, but each running back has a unique style of running that will be next to impossible for the other rushers to replicate.

So why are the Rams suddenly migrating from Tiny Mighty Mo rushers to all shapes and sizes? You can thank RB Coach Ron Gould for that new wrinkle. It was clear that the Rams were interested in expanding the capabilities of the running back room this season when the team drafted Ole Miss running back Zach Evans, and then signed veteran power back Royce Freeman. But the real difference occured when the Rams kept Evans on the 53-man roster, and signed Freeman to the practice squad.

Much like the moves made to bolster the Rams roster on the offensive line and at the tight end position, both Evans and Freeman are bigger and more physical than the veterans who carried over from the Rams 2022 NFL season, with the exception of featured RB Cam Akers.

Lots of potential, not much production

How do the Rams roster shape up now in terms of running backs?

  1. RB Kyren Williams - 5-foot-9 | 194 pounds | 97 for 456 yards | 6 touchdowns | (out 3-4 weeks)
  2. RB Ronnie Rivers - 5-foot-9 | 195 pounds | 13 for 57 yards | 0 touchdowns | (out 4-5 weeks)
  3. RB Zach Evans - 5-foot-11 | 202 pounds | 4 for 10 yads | 0 touchdownss
  4. RB Royce Freeman - 6-foot-0 | 238 pounds | no stats 2023
  5. RB Myles Gaskin - 5-foot-10 | 199 pounds | no stats 2023
  6. RB Darrell Henderson Jr. - 5-foot-8 | 208 pounds | no stats 2023 | (Practice squad)

As you can see by the list above, the Rams are entering Week 7 with a trio of running backs on the active roster who have four rushes for 10 yards as the total rushing yards gained by the group. But that comes down to a lack of opportunities rather than a lack of talent. So why do I have a better feeling about Week 7 than I should? Let's discuss: