LA Rams front office blitzes roster to keep Rams running game on track

The LA Rams learned after a Week 6 win that they had lost their top two running backs. So the Rams front office blitzes the roster to ensure that the Rams running game stays on track for Week 7
LA Rams RB Coach Ron Gould
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LA Rams. Rams roster, Royce Freeman
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Rams trio of runners will be tough to defend

Let's begin by examining how the Pittsburgh Steelers' defense must prepare to face the Rams rushing offense. For starters, there is next to nothing in terms of video footage of any of the Rams' three likely runners for Week 7. That places an already struggling rushing defense at a disadvantage. The best that the Steelers can do is either review preseason footage (which would be a mistake) in an attempt to predict how the Rams will run or go with recent games to predict how the Rams may attempt to run the football.

In either scenario, the LA Rams offensive line is now boasting a solid five starters, and the Rams have only had Zach Evans run behind them four times this season. So any attempt to guess how the Rams will use Evans or Freeman in a Week 7 ground assault is purely speculation on their part.

Why Myles Gaskin could be a huge wildcard in Week 7

The expectation for newly signed running back Myles Gaskin is next to nothing in the LA Rams offense. After all, the Rams are never quick to toss a new player into the fire, particularly when it comes to the running back position. Still, there are reasons to believe that Myles Gaskin may be a huge wildcard for the LA Rams in Week 7.

For starters, he was an incredibly effect running back in college for the Washington Huskies, He was a consistent 1300 rushing yards running back Myles Gaskin for the Washington Huskies. And yet, he was drafted by the Miami Dolphins in Round 7 of the 2019 NFL Draft with the 234th overall pick. His best season was 2020, when he rushed 142 times for 584 yards and three rushing touchdowns. But he soon faded, and by 2022, he was relegated to four games.

But even as he was active as a runner, he was nearly as effective as a receiver. He caught 101 of 128 passes for 701 receiving yards and six touchdowns.

The aspect of Gaskins that is so very intriguing is the fact that he has been in the Minnesota Vikings offense this year, which is former Rams OC Kevin O'Connell's version of the Rams offense. So he may be new to the Rams organization, but he has been running in a version of the Rams offense this season.

Will Gaskin put up 100+ yards in Week 7? That's unlikely. But he could see a dozen or so carries as well as put up some big gains as a receiver out of the backfield in this one. And that does not bode well for the Steelers. But the Rams offense would get a huge boost if that proves to be the case.