LA Rams Future Draft Picks for the 2025 NFL Draft and beyond

2024 NFL Draft
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The LA Rams are not filling their draft pick coffers in 2025 as has been the custom in previous years. Like it or not, the front office adopted a new strategy that, at least for the moment, is a brand new direction for the team. Historically, the team was content to exchange future draft picks for present-day talent. That was the method used to fill the roster with the likes of DB Jalen Ramsey, QB Matthew Stafford, RB Sony Michel, and even IOL Kevin Dotson.

But that method burns through the team's annual allotment of draft picks very quickly. So the team tapped the compensatory draft picks award process to make up the difference. In essence, the Rams were a net provider of free agent talent to the annual NFL Free Agency market in the days before the NFL Draft.

Teams that lose more players than they add via that time frame can trigger the algorithm by which the NFL will award them up to four compensatory draft picks in the next year's draft, with the rounds of those comp picks determined by the value of the contract signed by the former player.

Post-2022 purge derailed 2025 comp picks

After the Rams struggled to finish the 2022 NFL season with a record of 5-12, the front office had to make a difficult decision. Would the team carry on 'as is,' and try to reshape the team despite significant limits to their ability to spend available salary cap dollars? Or would the team bite the bullet, wipe the slate clean by releasing and trading highly compensated veterans, and start over in 2023 with a rookie-centric roster?

The Rams opted to wipe the slate clean.

The immediate impact of that decision resulted in the team facing 2023 with extremely limited funds to use to sign veterans. Still, the team had ample draft picks and used them to add 14 rookies to the roster in 2023. But what many fans and analysts did not realize is the crippling impact that 2023 Rams roster purge would have on the team's ability to generate projected compensatory draft picks for 2025.

Per Over the, the LA Rams are projected to be awarded just one compensatory draft pick in the 2025 NFL Draft, and that is due to the hiring of former DC Raheem Morris to become the new head coach of the Atlanta Falcons. In recent years, the team has come to rely upon up to four awarded compensatory picks. So how will this deviation from recent history impact the team's future drafts? Let's take a look at the team's future draft picks to find the answer: