LA Rams get extra picks by trading back twice in Rd 3 (UPDATED)

Les Snead Los Angeles Rams
Les Snead Los Angeles Rams / John McCoy/GettyImages

The LA Rams made no qualms about acknowledging the fact that the team wanted desperately to close that huge gap from their 77th overall pick in Round 3 in the 2023 NFL Draft 90 spots to the 167th overall pick in Round 5 in the 2023 NFL Draft. The Rams, entering the draft shopping for 46 new players with just 11 draft picks, also have the extra incentive to add as many draft picks as possible.

The Rams reverse in Round 3 back at pick 69, when the Rams traded back from the Round 3 69th overall pick to pick up the Round 3 73rd overall pick and the Round 5 151st overall pick, That kept the Rams in Round 3 by dropping back just four spots and allowed the team to pick up the 151st overall pick in Round 5. (see the second tweet below)


The true exchange (confirmed by Draft tracker) was an even swap of the number of picks. In this true trade, the LA Rams sent pick 69 from Round 3 and pick 191 from Round 6 to the Houston Texans, and in return received pick 73 from Round 3 and pick 161 from Round 5 from the Texans. The correct details are in the first tweet below:

The tweet shown below is incorrect:


But the LA Rams were not done just yet. While the team had closed the gap from the 77th to now the 151st overall pick, the Rams still faced sitting out for 74 selections. But LA Rams general manager Les Snead was not done just yet. After watching the Arizona Cardinals cha-cha their way through Round 1, the Rams did a bit of a tango in Round 3 for the second trade back, this time moving back 16 places from the 73rd overall pick in Round 3 to the 89th overall pick in Round 3, and picked up an additional Round 4 pick at the 128th overall pick from the New York Giants.


With these two trades, the Rams added an additional pick in both Round 4 and Round 5, the Rams maintained two picks in Round 3, and the Rams increased the number of total picks in the 2023 NFL Draft to 13.

Whether you like it or not, the LA Rams are clearly adhering to a solid value-added mindset in the 2023 NFL Draft so far. And I for one am thrilled about it. How about you feeling about the Rams draft right now?