LA Rams give Saints more to worry about with their latest roster move

Ronnie Rivers, Los Angeles Rams
Ronnie Rivers, Los Angeles Rams / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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The LA Rams offense is rolling right along right now. Despite facing some of the NFL's stingiest defenses, the Rams have been able to score nearly 30 points per game on average after their Week 10 BYE week. Much of the Rams offensive firepower has been thanks to the return of the elusive running back, Kyren Williams. But in just 10 games, Williams has carried the football 186 times, for 953 yards and eight touchdowns. Over his past three games, he has averaged 24 carries for 118 yards and nearly a touchdown per game.

But at 5-foot-9 and 194 pounds, can he realistically keep up this pace for the final three games of the season, let alone for any NFL Playoff games the Rams may play? To be honest, I'd just as soon that the Rams did not push him to his upper limit. The more of Williams's ability to run with the football that can be deferred to the post-season, the better.

Which is why the latest news about the Rams roster should be considered very positive news.

Rams RB Ronnie Rivers returns for the playoff push

The LA Rams lost both RB Kyren Williams and Ronnie Rivers after a Week 6 win against the Arizona Cardinals. Williams returned to the Rams roster in Week 12 to help the Rams win three of the last four games. Now the Rams have announced that they have activated RB Ronnie Rivers from Injured Reserve for Week 16.

While Ronnie Rivers has only carried the football 13 times for the Rams this season for 57 yards, he was earning an ever larger role in the offense before he suffered a knee injury that forced him onto Injured Reserve. That effectively placed him on ice for two months of the 2023 NFL season.

But he is coming back to the 53-man Rams roster in time to compete in the final three games of the season. Now, here's why that is a positive development for the team.