LA Rams give Saints more to worry about with their latest roster move

Ronnie Rivers, Los Angeles Rams
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McVay loves Rivers in this offense

The Rams love to put players into position to succeed, and head coach Sean McVay has plenty of positives to say about RB Ronnie Rivers's production in a Week 4 win over the Indianapolis Colts. To see McVay's post-game comments, you can click on this YouTube video link here.

To further detail Coach McVay's thoughts about Rivers, here are his transcribed comments about Rives after the Rams Week 4 win:

"He did a really good job. I was pleased with Ronnie. He got a couple of runs called back that were really productive, but he’s steady, man. He’s got great vision. He’s got great patience. I thought both Kyren and Ronnie did a really nice job as a whole, whether that was in the run game or in the passing game. I’ve just seen a guy that’s very similar to a lot of the guys we’ve talked about and he’s just gotten better because he’s put a consistent work ethic in every single day. He loves football. He comes into the building with the same demeanor and disposition and just has a great way about himself every single day. I think that consistency just compounds in positive ways and that’s what he’s done. I think he’s done a really nice job on the punt team as a wing for us, whether that be in protection or transition into coverage and he’s just a valuable player. I think you’ll continue to see him get a healthy dose and a healthy workload because he’s earned it. I think those guys are really good compliments to one another.”"

Sean McVay

Kind words for a lightly used player, eh?

Nobody expects Rivers to produce this week

When the Rams had won their second game of the season, they very much appeared to be set with a one-two punch for their ground assault with Williams and Rivers handling the workload. And had it not been for Rivers' injury, the mantle of featured running back would surely have fallen to him in Weeks 6 through 10.

While we cannot rewrite history, we can make use of past comments, performances, and projections to round out how Ronnie Rivers may impact the Rams offense in Week 16. Rivers will not get the lion's share of the work this week, nor should he. But he could see some action, and his future role in the Rams offense may depend on just how successful he is coming out of the gate this week.

I like what he brings to the Rams offense, and see him having a combined 50-100 yards of offense from the line of scrimmage, and perhaps even a chance of scoring his first touchdown for the Rams in 2023.

Nobody is expecting Ronnie Rivers to perform well on Thursday Night Football. And that, more than any other reason, may be why he does.