LA Rams have got to get far more physical in Game 8

Los Angeles Rams, Mike LaFleur
Los Angeles Rams, Mike LaFleur / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The pieces to the puzzle are there. The LA Rams front office made it a point to ensure that big tough durable players were added to the Rams roster for the 2023 NFL Season. The Rams loaded up on offensive linemen, tight ends, and even bigger-bodied running backs. The hope was that with bigger options, the Rams' offense would migrate to a more physical style of football naturally, and organically.

So far, that really hasn't happened to the level that you may have expected. Let's look at how the team has handled the LA Rams running back situation.

Even after the Rams traded away RB Cam Akers, and lost both RB Kyren Williams and Ronnie Rivers to injury, the Rams did not go with a one-two punch of rookie RB Zach Evans and veteran power back Royce Freeman. Rather,t he Rams re-signed RB Darrell Henderson Jr,, a player who wan released unceremoniously from the roster just one year ago.

Nothing has changed over that period of time to make Henderson any more effective or durable. It simply comes down to familiarity, grab and go, and the fact that the Rams offense is less willing to become more physical than we may have originally thought.

Rams need to become far more physical

Having big players on the roster does not help the LA Rams. Nor does having them on the football field if they are not given the chance to make plays. Of all the running backs in the Rams RB room, veteran Royce Freeman leads everyone with a 5.5 yards per carry average. The problem is, he has just 12 carries this season, the fewest of any rusher on the Rams roster.

With all of the Rams tight ends, the group has combined for just 24 of 39 catches for 272 receiving yards and 0 touchdowns.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not suggesting that the Rams run the football just for the sake of running the football. For whatever reason, the Rams pass-centric offense is not living up to expectations. Veteran Matthew Stafford is fighting through hip pain, has thrown seven touchdowns to six interceptions, and has a year to date completion rate of just 59.8 percent.

There is nothing wrong in believing that the Rams need to change their strategy a bit.

When the Rams run, the Rams win. It's been that way will all three victories this season. A balanced offense keeps the defensive secondary guessing, and the Rams passing attack becomes that much more effective as a result. The Dallas Cowboys lost to a very physical San Francisco 49ers teams.

If the Rams can match that level of physicality, they have a chance for an upset victory. At this point, I think it's worth a shot.