LA Rams have improved on Chiefs formula to master them in SB LIX

The LA Rams learned enough from Chiefs current SB winning streak to master them if they face one another in SB LIX
Los Angeles Rams v Kansas City Chiefs, Sean McVay, Andy Reid
Los Angeles Rams v Kansas City Chiefs, Sean McVay, Andy Reid / Jason Hanna/GettyImages
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IV: Build through the draft

It is shocking to consider the fact that the same general manager who became famous for "F*** them picks" in 2021 is now using those draft picks to build another true contender. After all, the Rams traded picks for QB Matthew Stafford, RB Sony Mitchell, and OLB Von Miller, all of whom played vital roles in 2021 to get the to and through Super Bowl LVI.

But success strategies in the NFL are best when they cut against the grain. After team's witnessed how quickly the Rams surged to the top of the NFL, they quickly retooled their own strategies in an attempt to mimic the Rams success. The San Francisco 49ers traded for RB Christian McCaffrey. The Philadelphia Eagles opted to trade for WR A.J. Brown. Even the Denver Broncos got into the act, trading for veteran QB Russell Wilson.

Sometimes that strategy worked. Sometimes it didn't.

But without exclusive access to NFL game-changing talent, the price to acquire and retain that level of talent became too costly for the team to sustain. That forced the team to divest from all but a few highly-compensated players and turn to the 2023 NFL Draft. That change of strategy produced a number of key rookies who proved to be outstanding NFL starters.

Now the LA Rams 2024 NFL Draft class is already taking shape as a rookie class that will be every bit as impactful as one year ago.

The thing is, the Kansas City Chiefs have been lauded for their rookie draft classes for years. And yes, as you can see for yourselves in the embedded video above, they are getting high marks for their 2024 rookie draft class as well.