LA Rams have improved on Chiefs formula to master them in SB LIX

The LA Rams learned enough from Chiefs current SB winning streak to master them if they face one another in SB LIX
Los Angeles Rams v Kansas City Chiefs, Sean McVay, Andy Reid
Los Angeles Rams v Kansas City Chiefs, Sean McVay, Andy Reid / Jason Hanna/GettyImages
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II: Emphasize passing game in offense

Arguing over which offense has been more pass-centric between the LA Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs is akin to the chicken versus the egg debate. For many years, both the LA Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs have boasted a strong passing offense, with some runs thrown into the mix to keep opposing defenses honest.

So let's tackle this another way. In 2017, the LA Rams hired Sean McVay to take over as head coach of the Los Angeles Rams. But in that same year, the Kansas City Chiefs drafted their future franchise quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. Even as the combination of Jared Goff and Sean McVay was stunning the NFC, the combination of Patrick Mahomes and Chiefs HC Andy Reid was doing the same thing in the AFC.

The thing is, Goff never won a Super Bowl for the Rams. Patrick Mahomes owns three Super Bowl rings so far.

But the Chiefs and the Rams offensive strategy is very similar. Both offenses love to pressure the defensive by overwhelming secondaries at all three levels. And that has become so effective that some defenses changed their tactics to thwart those pass-happy offenses. Facing the Rams, defenses focused on quicker pass rushers and putting more pressure on offensive lines. Facing the Chiefs, secondaries focused on better pass coverage and creating turnovers.