LA Rams have improved on Chiefs formula to master them in SB LIX

The LA Rams learned enough from Chiefs current SB winning streak to master them if they face one another in SB LIX
Los Angeles Rams v Kansas City Chiefs, Sean McVay, Andy Reid
Los Angeles Rams v Kansas City Chiefs, Sean McVay, Andy Reid / Jason Hanna/GettyImages
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Difference-maker III: Rams receivers outclass Chiefs

While I will consent to the fact that Chiefs TE Travis Kelce is better than any tight end on the Rams roster, that is where the advantage for the Chiefs ends. And if you consider the fact that the Rams had pursued trading up to draft TE Dalton Kincaid in 2023 and TE Brock Bowers in 2024, it's clear that the Rams want to close the gap on the TE position between the two teams.

But beyond Kelce, the LA Rams receivers clearly outclass those of the Kansas City Chiefs. Chiefs wide receivers in 2024 include Rashee Rice (938 yards, 7 TDs), Marquise Brown (574 yards, 4 TDs), and rookie WR Xavier Worthy.

Now compare them to the Rams roster of WR Puka Nacua (1,488 yards, 6 TDs), Cooper Kupp (737 yards, 5 TDs), Tutu Atwell (483 yards, 3 TDs) and Demarcus Robinson (371 yards, 4 TDs). And no, I have not added Rams rookie WR Jordan Whittington to the mix.

While both offenses ended 2023 with nearly identical yardage in the air: Kansas City Chiefs 4,383 passing yards, 28 touchdowns versus Los Angles Rams 4,300 passing yards, 26 touchdowns. The Rams held out their starters in Week 18, Stafford missed a game due to injury in Week 9, and the Rams offense had to take the field without Cooper Kupp in five games.

Another upside to the Rams receiver room is how effectively Demarcus Robinson burst onto the scene over the last few games of 2023. His strong showing allowed the team to win seven of their last eight games. More importantly, you can bet that the team won't wait until the final seven games of 2024 to get Robinson involved in the offense this season.