LA Rams IR filling up fast: Another one bites the dust

Los Angeles Rams Les Snead
Los Angeles Rams Les Snead / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

While it is not time to panic just yet, it's certainly time for the LA Rams and Rams fans to be concerned. While it is just one week into the new 2023 NFL season, the LA Rams are burning through players at a pace that is nearly as rapid as the pace of the 2022 NFL season. And just like the injuries that ravaged the Rams roster last year, the injuries are starting to tax the LA Rams depth chart, as well as risk straining the team's financial reserves.

That's pretty bold and alarming talk this early in the season, isn't it? Not exactly. After all, the LA Rams have designated their fifth player from their 53-man active roster to the Rams Injured Reserve roster. The latest player to be assigned to IR is rookie defensive back Jason Taylor II:

And just like that, another one bites the dust.

Rams IR list: 5 down, 3 to go

Just to recap, Taylor is the fifth player designated to the Rams IR list. If you recall, the LA Rams are hard-capped by new NFL regulations to reclaim just eight players from IR this season. Since all five players currently on the Rams injured reserve (IR) list are expected to return in a matter of weeks, the Rams may be looking at three additional moves from IR before all moves of that nature are exhausted. To recap, the following players are currently on Injured Reserve:

  1. Stetson Bennett | Quarterback | Non-Football Injury (NFI) designation | Can return Week 6
  2. Cooper Kupp | Wide Receiver | Hamstring injury | Can return Week 5
  3. Hunter Long | Tight End | Hamstring/Groin injury | Can return Week 5
  4. Ochaun Mathis | Outside Linebacker | Knee | Can return Week 5
  5. Jason Taylor II | Defensive Back | Groin | Can return Week 6

With a total of eight reclamations, do the LA Rams forego activating a player off the IR list in order to save that option for a potential future player? That is a strategic decision that I simply do not have the answer to just yet.

With the latest Rams roster move, the LA Rams have two open slots to fill. How will the Rams round out their roster? That is something we will discuss in our next article. Busy busy busy times for the LA Rams front office. Stay tuned.