LA Rams Jalen Ramsey Tweet: ". . .trade? Maybe lol”

Jalen Ramsey
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Ramsey Tweets that he may be traded, then deletes the tweet

The situation over the Rams rumors of trading Jalen Ramsey got a bit of validation on February 16, 2023, when an article suggested that there is a chance that DB Jalen Ramsey will be cut, and posed the question over which team would he likely sign with afterwards. That is a scenario that won't happen, but it was so outlandish that it prompted a Twitter reply from the player himself. Of course, moments after responding, Ramsey deleted the Tweet. But some fast fingered fans captured it before it disappeared.

See for yourself:

This is not a confirmation of any imminent trade that will move Jalen Ramsey to the roster of another NFL team. Nor is it any confirmation that the LA Rams are currently engaged in any negotiations that involve the future of Jalen Ramsey. But what it does to is confirm that the trade rumors are real, and that even Jalen Ramsey himself has caught wind of the fact that his name has come up multiple times in Rams rumors.

The migration from cornerback to all-purpose defensive back started in 2020 for Jalen Ramsey. At that time, newly arrived defensive coordinator Brandon Staley sought to leverage Ramsey's high athleticism and skillset by engaging him in more than the standard pass coverage role. Since that time, Ramsey has been the duct tape for the Rams defense, tasked with setting the edge, run support, pass rush, coverage, shedding blockers, and all-around creating headaches for offensive coordinators.