LA Rams Lance McCutcheon tops Rams All-Time list in this

Los Angeles Rams Lance McCutcheon
Los Angeles Rams Lance McCutcheon / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

If you did not realize that history was being made for the LA Rams in their first preseason game contest of 2023 against the Los Angeles Chargers, you were not alone. In fact, if the fact that a record was broken after the fact as you recapped and rethought the game on Sunday, you were still in good company.

But a record was broken, and it's about time to give it some press. You see, undrafted a year ago, wide receiver Lance McCutcheon put on an outstanding performance in preseason games a year ago. In fact, it was very likely that his better-than-expected ability to put up chunks of yardage in 2022 preseason games is the reason why he remains with the LA Rams today.

So it only required 28 receiving yards in the first preseason game of 2023 to set the Rams Franchise All-Time Receiving Yards record at 287 yards. And per the LA Rams own PR department, he is tied for first place with two receiving touchdowns and in third place with 17 preseason receptions:

If the initial Rams depth chart is to be believed, the young Rams receiver remains locked in a vicious struggle to earn a roster spot for this season. The team will likely carry just six receivers, and the best configuration for Lance McCutcheon on the Rams depth chart has him no better than seventh-place.

Normally, that would not pose a problem. But LA Rams head coach Sean McVay's coaching tree has proliferated so quickly among NFL teams that the young Rams receiver is at risk of being signed by another team if the Rams try to sneak him over to their 16-man practice squad.

So it's a bit of a risk for the LA Rams if they try to get McCutcheon onto the practice squad. What will the Rams do?

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For now, the answer is simply to suit up and play their second preseason game. But for the chances of Lance McCutcheon making the LA Rams roster, he will need to continue his record-setting pace to have chance. And just for the record, it's not the performance of rookie Puka Nacua that has McCutcheon falling in the depth chart, as much as it's the unexpected fit of veteran WR Demarcus Robinson.

The guy sets an All-Time Rams record, and he still may not make the roster.