LA Rams land secondary starters in this 3-round Post Combine Mock Draft

NFL Draft, Rams Mock Draft
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The draft boards for the LA Rams are set, or nearly so. The 2024 NFL Scouting Combine has rearranged the order for some players, and yet simply confirmed the projections of other players. Now all that is left is to hold meetings, set the draft strategy, and pick the best players who fit the team's culture at the 2024 NFL Draft. Simple right?

Well, perhaps. Then again, perhaps not.

Even the best-laid plans can be perilous for an NFL team at this time of year. So much that happens in the upcoming football season depends on making the right choices of player additions now.

For a team that had chosen to start over from scratch, the Rams certainly have the benefit of the doubt right now. Whatever their criteria or prerequisites used to form their 2023 NFL Draft class, it was the right strategy. The team landed a solid group of starters who exceled at their positions in year one, and may have even more players earning playing time and larger roles this year.

Now, what can the team do for an encore?

With the 19th overall pick of the 2024 NFL Draft

Rams trade the 19th overall pick with the Pittsburgh Steeler and get picks 20 and 84. While the team would ideally wish to trade back and pick up some early Day 3 picks, this trade appears to give the Rams two benefits. For starters, the Rams stay entrenched in Round 1, and can add what everyone hopes is a Day 1 starter. Secondly, the Rams pick up another draft pick among the Top 100, in this case a Day 2 pick in Round 3.