LA Rams losing Sr Offensive Consultant Greg Olson to this team

Greg Olson - Coach
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No, the LA Rams are not out of the woods yet in terms of losing their coaching staff. You might expect that to be winding down, but the NFL teams in search of high character guys who intill confidence and install a winning culture continue to shop at the Rams 'superstore,' for all of their coaching needs. I find it completely ironic that the Kansas City Chiefs, a team that has continued to win thanks to an incredibly creative and productive offense, had no worries over losing their offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy until this season, but the LA Rams, a team with one of the worst offensive performances in the NFL, and in the tenure of Sean McVay's reign as head coach, are now losing their second offensive coach this offseason.

Can anyone make it make sense?

It's tough to determine the quality or contribution of Greg Olson to the LA Rams offense in 2022. Clearly, the Rams did not run the ball much when it might have helped earlier in the season. And clearly, the Rams' offense was its own worst enemy in terms of trying to optimize the available offensive talent in any given football contest. But the Rams did surprise with the Mayfield Miracle, a victory behind free agent quarterback Baker Mayfield, who had just gotten off a plane to Los Angeles. California hours earlier. And then there was the offensive stampede of the stingy Denver Broncos defense on Christmas Day.

Greg Olson leaves the LA Rams football franchise for the third time in his coaching career. He was the offensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams in 2006-07. He later returned in 2017 when HC Sean McVay took over to become the team's quarterback coach for one season. Finally, he returned in 2022 for one season as the Rams Senior Offensive Assistant Coach.

He is heading to the Seattle Seahawks to become their new quarterbacks coach.

What will that mean for the LA Rams coaching staff, already searching for a new running backs coach? I don't really know. I don't want to diminish the value of Greg Olson to the Rams organization nor to his qualifications, but his hiring to the Rams staff appeared to be intended to give a close associate a steady paycheck as much as fill a vital role on the Rams staff.

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Well, one thing is obvious. NFL teams will continue to poach coaches from the LA Rams staff multiple times each off-season. So, in addition to hiring player scouts to reload the Rams roster, perhaps the team needs to hire coaching scouts to reload the Rams coaching staff each season?