LA Rams Mission Impossible: Replace an NFL legend on the fly. Here are some options:

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Option IV: Grin and bear it

Sometimes the confusion and disorientation of shocking news is just the tip of the iceberg. The true damage happens when the parties in control do not have a vetted plan but feel they must do something. It's that must-do-something action that too often makes matters worse.

Unless the Rams have a solid plan that has been vetted, the team could end up in the same situation as they did in 2022. Just to recap, when the team failed to extend veteran free agent outside linebacker Von Miller, the team found itself with cap dollars to spend, and not vetted players as Plan B options.

Instead, the team pivoted to sign free agents All-Pro inside linebacker Bobby Wagner and wide receiver Allen Robinson. The team did get value out of Wagner. Not only was he a huge force in the heart of the Rams defense, but he was a huge mentor for ILB Ernest Jones. He was even a stable voice of reason to a young defense that was trying to find its way.

The other signing, WR Allen Robinson, was not such a great investment. Robinson was paid to fill one of two primary receiver spots in the offense, but he never developed into that role. Instead, he was a seldom targetted receiver whose contribution was far less than you may have expected from his contract price. In the end, the team traded Robinson for next to nothing and outright released Wagner .

In this example, the team would have been better served simply to have done nothing more than grin and bear the loss of Von Miller to the Buffalo Bills.