LA Rams Mission Impossible: Replace an NFL legend on the fly. Here are some options:

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Option III: Trade for an elite pass rusher

Of course, whenever you have Rams GM Les Snead involved, you always have an option for a trade. That may not always work, as trades require two motivated NFL teams. Fortunately for the LA Rams, there is already an NFL team on record as seeking a trade partner.

While Hasson Reddick is not a direct replacement for Aaron Donald, he could help the team manage some of his lost production. Reddick is a 4-3 outside linebacker, which is not exactly the same role as that of 3-4 outside linebacker. He stands 6-foot-1 and weighs 240 pounds. He is just about to turn 30 years old this year, and is entering his eighth NFL season.

Originally drafted by the Arizona Cardinals, Reddick played one season for the Carolina Panthers before signing on with the Philadelphia Eagles. In his last four seasons, he has been tremendously productive at sacking the quarterback, averaging over 12.5 quarterback sacks over that span of time. He is currently projected to hit the Eagles salary cap for $21.8 million. If traded, his next team will be on the hook for $16 million, for one year.

What would the Eagles want for Reddick? Many speculated trade scenarios have Reddick valued at a late Round 2 pick. So, translating that into the LA Rams available picks, you could conclude a trade that looks something like this:

Haason Reddick trade

This trade gives the Eagles two picks in the Top-100, and gives the Rams an elite pass rusher who, if nothing else, can help the team created significant pressure on opposing quarterbacks.