LA Rams Mission Impossible: Replace an NFL legend on the fly. Here are some options:

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Option I: Draft elite prospect(s)

Perhaps the simplest solution for the Rams is the best one. With the team poised to have their first pick on Day 1 of an NFL Draft since 2016, it makes sense to wait until the draft to see who is on the draft board at the 19th overall pick, and choose the best player available at that spot who can help the Rams front seven on defense.

That could mean UCLA edge rusher Laiatu Latu at 19. It could mean Penn State edge rusher Chop Robinson at 19. It could mean Texas defensive lineman Byron Murphy II at 19. It could even mean Florida State edge rusher Jared Verse at 19.

It could mean multiple prospects from the 2024 NFL Draft, as the defense will need not just quality, but also stronger depth at the position as well. Not only was Aaron Donald legendary in his production, but he treated his body like a temple. He was one of the most physical and durable players in the NFL.

If the team plans to manage 2024 without him, the team will need to ensure that they have sufficient numbers on the roster to create a solid and sustainable rotation. That will not happen by throwing the yolk left by Aaron Donald's retirement onto one player. Two or three players will need to share that burden equally.

Are any of these options ideal? No. But this is not about optimal solutions, This is about realistic and doable solutions. Right now, the Rams have several options at their disposal.

After the dust settles, we can discuss how the team can optimize these latest developments.

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