LA Rams Mock Draft: Elite WR and dominating D are theme of this draft

The Rams still need to reinforce the defense to compete in Super Bowl LIX. They accomplish that in the latest mock draft.
Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams
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With the 52nd overall pick

the LA Rams select Adisa Isaac, an edge rusher out of Penn State University. Fans will not be satisfied until the team addresses the pass rush, and they do not have to wait long as the team grabs a solid outside linebacker in Round 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft. Standing 6-foot-4 and weighing 247 pounds, Isaac is the 'other guy,' a teammate of Penn State's Chop Robinson. While Robinson is the more raw and disruptive, Isaac has his one set of admirable qualities to enjoy.

The team favors passionate players who love to put in the grind, have a sense of maturity about them, and who have proven to be coachable and continue to make progress through their college football careers. OLB Adisa Isaac checks all of the boxes, and then some.

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This defense needs immediate contributors who are capable of handling the pressures of rushing opposing quarterbacks as a rookie, and Adisa Isaac is that guy. Rather than show up seeking the spotlight, Isaac comes equipped with a refined arsenal of pass rush moves, but also with an attitude of constantly seeking to learn moves and strategies to aid him in his quest to optimize his production.

Isaac will need to bulk up to about 260 pounds or so to endure the physical demands of this position at the NFL level. But he has turnkey capabilities to compete for a starting role instantly. In 2023, Isaac recorded 37 tackles, 7.5 quarterback sacks, and 16.0 tackles for a loss.

His ability to see the entire football field, process what he sees, and use that information to determine his best counter-moves to frustrate the offense will be something that impresses fans quickly. He is a rookie season starter with a high upside, and will fit the team's young defensive core with his work-ethic and solid production.