LA Rams Mock Draft: Elite WR and dominating D are theme of this draft

The Rams still need to reinforce the defense to compete in Super Bowl LIX. They accomplish that in the latest mock draft.
Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams
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With the 83rd overall pick

the LA Rams select Cole Bishop, safety, out of Utah. While the team has addressed the secondary with significant additions via the 2024 NFL Free Agency market, there is always room for a confident and capable defensive back. Even if the secondary starters are set with DBs Darious Williams, Tre'Davious White, Kamren Curl and Quentin Lake, the team will be delighted to add the ferocity and versatility of one of the most highly regarded safeties in the rookie class of 2024.

What the team needs on the roster in 2024 is a versatile defensive back who can fill in at a variety of roles, who has the size and physicality to stand ground against physical receivers and tight ends, but who adds a bit more polish to pass coverage as necessary. 6-foot-2, 206-pound Utah Utes safety Cole Bishop does all of that.

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What stands out to me about Cole Bishop is the chip on his shoulder. Almost instantly from his NFL Scouting Combine interviews, he seemed to know that he was not the top safety on many NFL team draft boards, and his interview seemed to have a smoldering undertone of don't overlook me or you will regret it.

Of course, being overly confident is never a good thing, but in this case I truly believe that he is extremely competitive and passionate about football, and his contribution to the secondary will be greater than a depth player who gets some action on special teams. After all, he is the player who practiced against TE Dalton Kincaid at Utah, and wisely cited that as one of the reasons that he is confident in his ability to perform at the NFL-level.

He can disrupt passes, get interceptions, sack opposing quarterbacks, and generate a high volume of tackles. While he brings solid pass coverage and versatility, he has more to learn to realize his full potential. As he learns, his role will be expanded to showcase his proficiency. I love Bishop's versatility at this spot.