LA Rams need to give rookies more opportunities

Despite a plan of resetting the roster, many rookies on the LA Rams roster are still awaiting their chance to contribute
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout, Cobie Durant, Ethan Evans, Christopher Dunn
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout, Cobie Durant, Ethan Evans, Christopher Dunn / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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It's now or never for the LA Rams rookies

The difference between a successful draft class and an unsuccessful draft class has less to do with the talent of rookies and more to do with the opportunities that those rookies get their first year in the NFL.

What do I mean?

  1. IOL Steve Avila - 36th overall - 541 offensive snaps
  2. OLB Byron Young - 77th overall - 461 defensive snaps
  3. NT Kobie Turner - 89th overall - 330 defensive snaps
  4. QB Stetson Bennett - 128th overall - 0 offensive snaps (IR/NFI list)
  5. OLB Nick Hampton - 161st overall - 4 defensive snaps
  6. OT Warren McClendon - 174th overall - 6 offensive snaps, 17 special teams snaps
  7. TE Davis Allen - 175th overall - 23 offensive snaps
  8. WR Puka Nacua - 177th overall - 494 offensive snaps
  9. DB Tre Tomlinson - 182nd overall - 13 defensive snaps
  10. OLB Ochaun Mathis - 189th overall - 35 defensive snaps
  11. RB Zach Evans - 215th overall - 6 offensive snaps
  12. P Ethan Evans - 223rd overall - 107 special teams snaps
  13. DB Jason Taylor II - 234th overall - 16 special teams snaps (IR)
  14. DL Desjuan Johnson - 259th overall - 28 defensive snaps

The rookies who are shown in bold text are those players who have yet to see any meaningful playing time so far this season. Rookies shown in italics above are on Injured Reserve (IR)

A lot of potential, but not as much production

Out of 14 rookies from the 2023 draft class, two are currently on the Rams Injured Reserve (IR) roster. five have played significant roles for the team this season, but seven rookies have yet to play a meaningful role on the team.

While the players who have as yet not performed significant roles may not have been ready to date, that has to change. The LA Rams have an unfortunate habit of going back to familiar players when confronted with injuries. When the LA Rams decided to add former RB Darrell Henderson Jr. to the Rams roster, that decision may have felt to be correct under the circumstances. But in the process, what about rookie RB Zach Evans, who has just six offensive snaps through eight games?

The LA Rams drafted tight end Davis Allen with the belief that he could contribute to the Rams 12-personnel package as a blocking tight end. But it's awfully hard to do so when averaging less than three offensive snaps per game.