LA Rams need to give rookies more opportunities

Despite a plan of resetting the roster, many rookies on the LA Rams roster are still awaiting their chance to contribute
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Rams trying to play both sides of the issue

I can buy off regarding the plan to reset the Rams roster for the 2024 NFL season, but only if the Rams are rotating in players who will be on the roster in 2024. The LA Rams were not active at the 2023 NFL Trade Deadline, and one of the reasons was that the Rams are solely focused on playing as well as possible 'as is,' this season while targetting the 2024 NFL season to truly shop for game-changing players once more.

The Rams are not out of the NFL Playoffs hunt yet, but they are trending in that direction. The team did not add an All-Pro player like DB Jalen Ramsey or OLB Von Miller to give the team a second half push for postseason competition. Instead, the Rams are adding veterans who do just enough to keep rookies on the bench, but who are unlikely to return next season.

And that feels very foolish.

Let 'em play

Young players need playing time, not just to get experience, but also so that the Rams coaching staff truly knows who they are and how they may compete next season. The LA Rams are 3-5 right now. Win or lose, I would rather enter the 2024 NFL season knowing exactly where the Rams need to upgrade. As it stands right now, I don't know where half of the 2023 Rams rookie class stands with the team.

While the Rams have not made huge moves this season, the Rams have made a number of small moves that may hinder or outright prevent the team from accomplishing their overall goals for the 2023 NFL season.

Rams fans witnessed a team that played veteran over rookies in Week 8, but were demolished by the Dallas Cowboys anyway. I don't think that the Rams veterans nor rookies wanted to lose that way. But the team did lose. With each game that passes, Rams rookies lose a valuable opportunity to gain experience for next season.

I wish that the team would let more rookies play more often. Then, even if the team loses, there is still the fact that they gained valuable experience. As it now stands, not only do the Rams lose games, but they lose the chance to get rookies playing time as well.