LA Rams not up for Hard Knocks, but these 4 team are:

HBO Hard Knocks Aaron Donald
HBO Hard Knocks Aaron Donald / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

The struggles of the LA Rams to fill a roster and prepare for the 2023 NFL season are common knowledge right now. The problem is not simply that the team only has 45 out of 90 players, but the fact that the LA Rams coaching staff only has a picture that is 50 percent formed. Yes, NFL teams are doing nothing with those players right now, but there is a massive advantage for a team like the Atlanta Falcons who know who 77 of their ultimate 90-player roster will be.

When it comes to the situation that is unfolding for the LA Rams coaches, they are still guessing, and that can hinder planning for the 2023 NFL season if those plans adapt to the personnel and skill sets of the players who are signed to their roster. While the front office is working feverishly and diligently to add the right players to the Rams roster, the coaches are working just as earnestly to have the right game plan to optimize those players.

HBO Hard Knocks

The LA Rams were coming off a challenging 2019 season in 2020, and the Rams and the LA Chargers were tapped to appear on HBO Hard Knocks, an NFL info-documentary that portrays the behind-the-scenes work undertaken by NFL coaches and players in preparation for a new NFL season. HBO Hard Knocks did give a unique peek at the LA Rams roster, and mindset, as the team readied for the 2020 NFL season.

Some have speculated that the LA Rams would be featured on Hard Knocks once more. But that is not the case for 2023. Rather, only four teams are eligible for Hard Knocks this year, and they are:

While the Rams are not up for Hard Knocks, which team would be the most interesting this year?

Clearly, if the New York Jets pull off the trade to acquire Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the Jets would be a rating success for streaming broadcasts. But the field of four teams, from the Jets, to the Chicago Bears, to the New Orleans Saints, and finally to the Washington Commanders, will cover the spectrum of NFL teams seeking to improve dramatically this season.

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For now, the LA Rams will not be involved with HBO Hard Knocks. And I am honestly good with that. The LA Rams will be so full of new faces that I'm not sure that I will recognize anyone in training camp this year anyway.