LA Rams offense is uninspiring in first half of Week 11

Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay, Matthew Stafford
Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay, Matthew Stafford / Sean Gardner/GettyImages

After one quarter, the LA Rams offense had a net yards total of 19 yards. That was four passes that netted 14 yards, and four runs for five yards. But let's talk a bit about those five yards rushing. The Rams opened their first offensive series with a two-yard run by RB Darrell Henderson Jr.

After a pair of penalties placed the Rams at 1st and goal from the Seattle Seahawks five-yard line, the Rams opted to run Royce Freeman three times. The problem with that strategy is the fact that the Rams ran out of an 11-personnel formation. The offensive possession ended with an incompletion to LA Rams WR Tutu Atwell. What was the result of a six-play 73-yard 3:20 offensive drive that was fueled by nearly 60 yards of Seahawks penalties? No points.

With time running out if the first half, the Rams have run 11 plays with a net of just 19 yards. Stafford was just two of seven for 19 yards at one point in this game. Whatever else the Rams must address through the rest of the 2023 NFL season, the offense has to be a top priority.

The LA Rams were only able to put up thee points in a very disappointing game in Week 9 against the Green Bay Packers. But after the BYE and with the Rams reportedly as healthy as they have been all season long, the Rams offense appears to be even less capable.

It does not appear that the Rams have any interest in getting TE Hunter Long involved in this game, nor in making use of two tight ends.

Rams run, and offense springs to life

It was not until the LA Rams went back to running, getting 21 yards on the ground from two carries by RB Royce Freeman. That opened up play action, which enable the Rams to complete some passes to WR Austin Trammell and one pass to WR Tutu Atwell.

The Rams finally scored on a three yard pass play to rookie WR Puka Nacua, which allowed the Rams to break the shutout with just nine seconds to go. In that final drive of the half, the Rams gained 75 yards on nine plays with just 4:39 remaining in the game.

The LA Rams lost WR Cooper Kupp to an ankle injury in the second quarter, and his availability for the rest of the season is now in question. That places a lot of pressure back on rookie WR Puka Nacua, Tutu Atwell, and Austin Trammell to deliver in this game. As long as the Rams sprinkle in enough running plays to keep the Seahawks' defense honest, the Rams may have a chance. But until that final offensive series, the Rams' offense has been completely uninspiring.