LA Rams offensive line will make or break 2023 season

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While the national narrative about the LA Rams has focused on the fact that the team's defense is so very young and inexperienced, the Rams fans are stuck in the past of a bad offensive line from 2022 bleeding over and into concerns for the performance of the group in 2023. While two positions remain up in the air, the truth is that the LA Rams offensive line is healthier, younger, tougher, and even angrier than that of a year ago.

And I credit it all to LA Rams offensive line coach Ryan Wendell. But let's not start the awards ceremony just yet. After all, as we have come to realize in the past, the offensive line configuration may appear to be the result of the OL Coach Wendell's decisions, but I believe that HC Sean McVay has the final say.

But the early reports that have surfaced suggest that the Rams offensive line is ready to tackle any challenge:

The LA Rams offensive line will be a work in process throughout the 2023 NFL season, This is not a group that has been finalized with plenty of time to coordinate a cohesive and communicating group of offensive linemen. Just to help you recall messaging from training camp, here is an interview that Rams HC Sean McVay gave as camp was winding down.

So who should you keep an eye on this season? I believe that rookie IOL Steve Avila is going to shock some folks this year:

While the excitement and positve reports are one thing, the life of a successful NFL offensive lineman is not about spotlights or interviews. It comes down to back-breaking grinding it out, a nose to the grindstone. And that is a tough task for a rookie. But fear not, long-time offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth has been taking the time to coach up the rookie

So how does this offensive line look?