LA Rams offensive line will make or break 2023 season

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Likely starters for the LA Rams offensive line

The LA Rams season will likely come down to having an offense that can routinely outscore their opponents. But the Rams offense will most certainly come down to a renewed and recharged offensive line that can create a safe haven pocket for starting quarterback Matthew Stafford, while plowing huge holes and running lanes for the underestimated Rams running backs.

LT - Alaric Jackson

This could be 6-foot-7 335-pound Alaric Jackson's first official start (when not subbing in for an injured teammate) as left tackle on the LA Rams offensive line. Jackson has shown remarkable ability to slide in and produce at left tackle in the past. Best of all, he has a tremendous mean streak in him.

But it gets better.

LG - Steve Avila

Rookie IOL Steve Avila stands 6-foot-3 and weighs 332 pounds. Just like Jackson, Avila may be all smiles on the sidelines, but he's a snarling junkyard dog on the football field. And it's that willingness to block anyone and everyone until the whistle blows the play dead that makes him so much fun to watch.

C - Coleman Shelton

If you have LA Rams running back Cam Akers on your fantasy football team, then a start by 6-foot-4 299-pound Coleman Shelton at center is the best news that you will hear today. If you haven't been following along, whenever the LA Rams boast 100+ rushing yards from a single running back, Coleman Shelton has been the center.

That itself should ensure that Shelton remains a starting center for the LA Rams.