LA Rams OTAs: Rams training rookies how to train in the NFL

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D'Marco Farr: 'There's some jobs open.'

The LA Rams have a wide open scramble for starting jobs on the Rams roster, a carrot on the end of the stick to encourage the highest form and level of competition among players throughout training camp this summer. The best part is that this LA Rams training camp is not just aerobics exercise and going through the motions for players.

With the exception of a couple of jobs on defense, and about six jobs on offense, the Rams' depth chart is filled with names that are only penciled in for the time being. That's a good thing, because with so many new faces, how and anyone decide who is and isn't starting from introductory handshakes?

Keep an eye out for Steve Avilla, Puka Nacua and Tre Tomlinson

Both J.B. Long and D'Marco Farr showered BYU wide receiver Puka Nacua with praise, even to the point of comparing him to fan favorite wide receiver Robert Woods. The comparison is a natural one, as both Nacua and Woods play at wide receiver, and Puka Nacua will be wearing jersey number 17, the old number worn by Robert Woods at one point in his LA Rams career. Farr has already compared Nacua to Woods. Keep Puka Nacua on your radar.

The other rookie who stood out for both Long and Farr in this inaugural broadcast from the LA Rams OTA summary is former TCU defensive back, Tre Tomlinson. Long brought the size concerns out right away, Why the concern? Rookie DB Tre Tomlinson is just 5-foot-8 and weighs 178 pounds, which is a bit undersized for the very physical defensive back role in the NFL, will wear jersey number 6 for the LA Rams.

And last, but by no means least, is interior offensive lineman Steve Avila, who appears to be every bit the part, is a massive and powerful young man who may have a learning curve ahead of him, but he already checks all of the boxes for a starting role on this LA Rams offensive line.