3 LA Rams players who could be traded before Week 1

Could the Rams be closer to rebuilding than we think?
LA Rams, Aaron Donald
LA Rams, Aaron Donald / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages
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3. Aaron Donald, DL

Rams fans might have just closed the browser, and that's OK. But, hear me out. It might be impossible to see Aaron Donald in anything other than a Rams uniform, but let's look at the facts.

The Rams are likely not a team that's going to be within a winning window for much longer, if you could even call it that. This defense is nowhere near what it was during their Super Bowl run, and the roster looks far closer to retooling and rebuilding than contending at the moment.

Matthew Stafford might not last much longer in this league, and if that's the case, then the Rams are starting over at the most crucial position in the sport. At that point, they might as well look toward the future.

There might be no better way to do so than by trading Donald, whom they could still get a haul of picks for, even at age 32. For a team that's willing to make the contract work and looking to win a Super Bowl, Donald would be that missing piece. There is no doubt that Donald would make any of the top 10 teams even more of a solidified Super Bowl contender if traded there.

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As for the Rams, they could easily get at least a first and second-round pick for Donald's services, if not multiple firsts. For a team that might need a franchise quarterback soon, that's not half bad at all.