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LA Rams Draft Carrington Valentine
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Meeting XVI: CB Carrington Valentine - March 26, 2023

The 2023 NFL Draft class is loaded with defensive backs. If you need a prime example, look no further than the University of Kentucky's defensive back Carrington Valentine. This 6-foot-0 193-pound defensive back is certain to compete for playing time on almost any NFL roster, but his current NFL draft projections are not higher than a late Day 3 pick.

Valentine has great instincts, but has been noted by multiple draft analysts as occasionally exhibiting less than preferred coverage techinque in coverage. Cited as a 'all the makings of,' but also his lack of experience and production. Those are common characteristics for a cornerback who simply needs time to develop on an NFL roster

So why would the LA Rams have interest? In a word, upside.

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Valentine is very good quality clay that with the right coaching, could become an NFL starter. But to get there, he will also need time and patience. With the apparent LA Rms 2023 strategy, the Rams could pan out to be an ideal landing spot for Valentine to start his NFL career.

Meeting XVII: DB Anthony Kendall - March 27, 2023

The LA Rams are no strangers to exploring every lead to find an NFL worthy talent.

Meeting XVIII: WR Tre Tucker - March 28, 2023

The LA Rams used the opportunity on Cincinnati Pro Day to get quality time with wide receiver Tre Tucker.

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Meeting XIX: WR Tyler Scott - March 28, 2023

The LA Rams also used the opportunity on Cincinnati Pro Day to get quality time with wide receiver Tyler Scott.

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