Predicting where top 4 Los Angeles Rams free agents will sign in 2024

Los Angeles Rams, Jordan Fuller
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Brian Allen, C

Free agency prediction: Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders are an intriguing team right about now, because everyone knows they are going to make a move at quarterback. The only question is, what move will they make? Many want to believe Russell Wilson is a good fit, there, especially because he'll get a chance to play against Denver twice a year going forward.

Vegas also has some needs up front across their offensive line, with center being one of them. Andre James is a free agent and may not be back, and Brian Allen would be a fine replacement, especially if the Raiders go the route of a veteran like Wilson. Sure, they could always draft a rookie, but giving Wilson an experienced and talented center like Allen seems to be a much better option.

One thing teams are going to take into consideration, of course, is the fact that Allen has had injury issues over the course of his career. Can he prove to be able to stay healthy? He'd be a low-cost option for Las Vegas and worth signing while also potentially drafting a rookie in the middle rounds.