LA Rams promote LB Coach Chris Shula to Defensive Coordinator

Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay
Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The LA Rams passed on former DC Brandon Staley. The team never really got a chance with Ravens DB Coach Dennard Wilson, who was hired by the Tennessee Titans as their defensive coordinator. The Rams opted not to hire former Washington Commanders HC Ron Rivera, or Dallas Cowboys DL Coach Alan Durde. In fact, the Rams interviewed DB Coach Aubrey Pleasant as well as LB Coach Chris Shula for the job as well.

Overall, I would say that the LA Rams list of candidates for their defensive coordinator position was rather extensive, as the Rams targeted both seasoned coaches as well as young rising stars. But the Rams are rumored to have finally made their decision, and the news is a bit surprising to be quite honest.

The LA Rams have chosen to promote their own linebackers coach, Chris Shula, to become their fourth defensive coordinator since hiring Sean McVay as head coach. So, why Shula?

Well, he was certainly in the sites of other NFL teams for a defensive coordinator position as well. And it may have been the fact that he was also scheduled to interview for a DC role with the Miami Dolphins

Well, the LA Rams have decided to promote, rather than to lose, a young and rising positional coach who has been rising in the ranks of their own staff. But, what is the immediate reaction?

It's not just the Rams simply wanting to promote someone, anyone, just to keep them in house. And it's not simply the fact that Shula is one of the few remaining positional coaches who remained from the original coaching staff that was hired to support LA Rams Head Coach Sean McVay back in 2017.

That seems so long ago.

Apparently, Chris Shula has been incredible in the building, and quite popular with his players. And you can't ignore the on-fiend success of so many young players and veterans who were coached up by the LA Rams over the years, with an emphasis on 2023.

Finally, he gives one heckuva interview too, it seems:

All told the LA Rams coaching staff has been decimated by competing NFL teams once more. The LA Rams have lost:

  • DC Raheem Morris - Falcons HC (Rooney Rule applies)
  • QB Coach Zac Robinson - Falcons OC
  • Asst HC Jimmy Lake - Falcons DC
  • DL Coach Eric Henderson - USC Co-DC/DL Coach
  • Asst ST Coach Jeremy Springer - Patriots ST Coordinator

The Rams may be lucking out in that while the New England Patriots showed a great deal of interest in Ram TE Coach Nick Caley, rumors grew that he was not sold on the opportunity, and expressed a desire to remain on the Rams coaching staff for the time being.

While the Rams may have retained Chris Shula, the Rams will need to add LB Coach to their shopping list ass well.