LA Rams QB Stetson Bennett already mired in controversy?

NFL Combine Stetson Bennett
NFL Combine Stetson Bennett / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The LA Rams have no regrets so far in their choice of their 2023 primary backup quarterback Stetson Bennett. But the national media loves to grab a narrative and hold fast like a playful dog will taunt with a pull toy, and then tug and tug for all its worth as soon as you grab that toy to throw. Right now, that national narrative is looking for controversial topics to feature over ex-Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett.

The latest 'controversy' over Rams backup quarterback Stetson Bennett is based on the fact that Bennett attended the University of Georgia and did not graduate with a degree. The controversy began as soon as the LA Rams selected Bennett, as his age became a focus of Twitter trolls. That has simply rolled over to the newest controversy, the umbrage over Bennett's lack of a Bachelor's degree. Does it matter to anyone besides Stetson Bennett himself, and his family?

The course of anyone's life is filled with doors that each of us choose to open to not. In the end, we seldom regret the chances that we take. Instead, the deepest regrets as we grow older are less about what we'd chosen to do and more about what we didn't try to do.

Personal choice is not a controversy

However else we may judge a young Stetson Bennett, keep in mind that he has led his Georgia Bulldogs to not one, but two consecutive NCAA National Championships. That's not random luck, coincidence, or just being in the right place at the right time. He has a gift to become the best quarterback on the football field, and that gift is now being put through its paces on the LA Rams roster.

Degrees may come in handy at some point down the road. But I can assure you, if you major in a subject at college to earn a degree, then play football, military service, or travel the world for 10 years, that degree offers almost no value in any future employment or career decision.

Whether or not Stetson Bennett has earned his degree may be great stuff to bash him, but it has zero bearing on his ability to play the game of football. Right now, Bennett is focused on his professional football career. Let's sit back and let that play out before bashing the guy for his scholastic decisions. After all, name any NFL football player today that you know what their degree from college is, and in what major?

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Details like these are never used to applaud an NFL player. These details are only important to those who want to knock that player down a peg or two. That's why I will refrain from any commentary on Bennett's decision. And I will defend my choices from any commentary from Bennett in return.