LA Rams rookie ILB Omar Speights' stock is rising rapidly to make 53-man roster

Omar Speight's draft stock tumbled after injury in 2023. Now, healthy once more, his stock is rising rapidly to make the 53-man LA Rams roster.
LSU, Omar Speights
LSU, Omar Speights / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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Effort and passion embodied in the heart of the defense

You cannot earn your place in this defense without loving the journey to get there. As such, the Rams sought a player who has a track record of loving the game, and who possesses the ability to make an instant positive impact on the football field. Omar Speights checks both boxes, as he was so dominating for the Beavers that he earned USA Today's honors as Freshman All-American in 2019:

That was just his first season in college football, the first of a collegiate football career that would last five seasons, and result in some pretty impressive numbers.

In five seasons, Speights would put up 378 tackles, 5.0 quarterback sacks, three interceptions, four pass deflections, and three fumble recoveries. In his final three seasons, he would lead his team to college post-season competition, a rare outcome for Oregon State at the time.

While his final season at LSU did not result in hype or even an NFL Scouting Combine invitation, he was lost in the roaring surf between the seas of college football and the rocky coastline of the NFL. Some draft analysists continued to believe in Speights, and were generous in their praises of him despite his injury in 2023.

Clearly the scouting departing viewed Speights entire college career and concluded that his passion, production, and personality made him an ideal fit on the Rams roster.

Speights is more than meets the eye. If not for a poorly timed injury in 2023, he may have delivered on early expectations for a Round 1 selection in the 2024 NFL Draft. At the very least, he would have earned an invitation to the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine and heard his name called out on Day 3 of the NFL Draft.

A healthy Omar Speights is absolutely NFL-worthy, and he is healthy right now. He also has the advantage of learning the LSU defense in 2023, and that will give him a leg up on learning the LA Rams defense in 2024.

Speights is not as much of a longshot to make this roster as you may believe. Circumstances that caused his precipitous drop on draft boards have come and gone. Now it's up to the player, a player who plays with passion and fire. Don't be shocked if he not only earns a spot on the 53-man Rams roster, but if he is part of the rotation at inside linebacker this year.

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