LA Rams roster is an amazing conundrum that defies logic but works

2024 NFL Draft
2024 NFL Draft / Aaron J. Thornton/GettyImages

Ten players selected during the 2024 NFL Draft and 16 undrafted free agent signings are in the LA Rams history books, and the responses so far from fans and draft analysts have been unhesitantly favorable. Of course, 26 players who have never competed in the NFL before is quite a bit While the team is coming off their 10-7 record in 2023, the belief is that this team is capable of so much more in 2024.

And those expectations are probably accurate. Of course, this is not the same version of the Rams roster as has been the typical scenario at this time of year. Unlike the top-loaded teams of the past that loaded up on All-Pros and hoped that the rank and file would do just enough to keep this team on a winning track, the current Rams roster is heavily invested into new faces and a youth movement.

New faces on the Rams roster are not seasoned veterans, at least not in terms of this discussion. Of the 90 man training camp roster, the Rams currently boast 48 players with not more than two years of NFL experience. If you factor in the 16 UDFAs, this roster boasts 64 newbies. That's mind blowing:

But that is not to say that the Rams have completely abandoned players that were on the 2023 Rams roster. The opposite is true. When the LA Rams opted to divest from highly compensated veterans after the 2022 NFL season, the team ripped the roster down to a basic framework, shedding numerous veterans and introducing 14 drafted rookies from the 2023 NFL Draft.

They are all coming back to the team's 2024 roster, which creates a bit of an amazing conundrum that seems to defy logic. In essence, the Rams roster is bursting with young players, many of whom are returning from the 2023 season:

While that may seem to defy the senses, keep in mind that drafted rookies are very inexpensive in terms of salary cap cost. With 14 drafted rookies from 2023, and 10 drafted rookies this year, the Rams have 24, or more than 45 percent of the roster on a cost-controlled plan. That will allow the team to divert funds to upgrade veterans on the team for the next two or three seasons.

In 2023, the Rams got younger and better at the same time. Hopefully, that trend continues and the team will have similar experiences in 2024.

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