LA Rams roster needs leadership from these 3 players

Los Angeles Rams Cooper Kupp, Matthew Stafford
Los Angeles Rams Cooper Kupp, Matthew Stafford / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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The LA Rams roster is the youngest in the NFL. It's so young that the team has been quietly chipping away at filling open roster spots with veterans. And slowly but surely, the infusion of more seasoned players has helped this team. So why hasn't that shown up in their lone preseason game?

Like it or not, the Rams are continuing past practices of playing bubble players in preseason games. That is, if a veteran player will make the 53-man roster, they are almost certainly not schedule to compete in preseaon games whatsoever. For younger players who may start or play significant rotational roles for the Rams this season, they will show up in varying number of snaps in preseason games to ensure that they are prepared to start the 2023 NFL season.

One of the factors for the LA Rams' struggles in their first preseason game was the lack of leadership on the football field. No, I am not piling on the Rams roster after a preseason loss. Truth be told, I truly was prepared for the final score of the first preseason game to be far more lopsided.

Chargers were the wrong preseason opponent

After all, we know that preseason or not, the Chargers were busting at the seams to get back onto a football field and wash the bitter taste of their preseason loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars out of their mouths. And the LA Rams just happened to be the first team on the schedule to give them that chance.

But the Rams roster is incredibly young and inexperienced. Even should the Rams end the 2023 NFL season with a winning record, you should expert for better and more competitive play out of this team as the season rolls along. In short, that first preseason game could very likely be the worst outing for this team.

While that means that the Rams best is yet to come, it won't just happen organically. The LA Rams younger players will follow the lead of savvy veterans. So how will that play out this season? Here are three veterans on the LA Rams roster who are the standard bearers for the 2023 NFL season: