LA Rams roster needs leadership from these 3 players

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I: Matthew Stafford for Rams offense

Perhaps no player on the LA Rams roster has more pressure to deliver this season than starting quarterback Matthew Stafford. But it can also be said that no player on the LA Rams roster delivers in crunch time like starting quarterback Matthew Stafford. And it's that reason that sets the stage for the Rams offense this season. You see, no matter how well backup quarterback Stetson Bennett performs in preseason, when the regular season starts he will be benched to make room for Stafford.

That is not tossing shade on Bennett. On the contrary, it's simply stating just how important Matthew Stafford is for the LA Rams 2023 NFL season. The LA Rams will need to score a lot of points. To do that, the Rams will need another 5,000 passing yards 40+ touchdown type of season out of Stafford.

And I for one think that is exactly what the Rams will get.

Unlike the 2021 NFL season, I believe that the Rams offense will place more emphasis towards running the football. We know that when the LA Rams started to spiral downhill through a three game losing streak, the team snapped out of it by leaning heavily on the running attack, led by RB Sony Michel.

I don't think that the Rams will need to lose three consecutive games before turning to a rushing attack to balance the offense. And with the offense seemingly emphasizing the run, you can expect the Rams passing offense to get a boost as well.

The key to the Rams' offense is to protect Stafford. And the key to protecting Stafford rests in a balanced offense. The Rams running back room appears to be as loaded as ever. Will that translate into a solid rushing offense? Let's hope so.

As long as the LA Rams do not depend entirely upon the passing of Matthew Stafford, they will have a chance this season. Stafford gives the Rams offense the chance to strike quickly, as well as the chance to mount a late game rally for the win. This year, he is the healthiest that he has ever been for the Rams since arriving.

Buckle up, buttercup. LA Rams are building an NFL Championship team through the draft. dark. Hot. Buckle up buttercup

The LA Rams finished the 2022 NFL season at 5-12 without John Johnson III, and missing eight games from both Aaron Donald and Matthew Stafford. The LA Rams season may not start by impressing anyone, but as the season goes along, this team will continue to improve rapidly.

It's not how you start the season, but how you end it. With the right leadership, the LA Rams could finish the 2023 NFL season as one of the hottest teams in the NFL.