LA Rams roster: Quick tour of NFL waiver wire

Les Snead
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Have you ever wondered what it means to check out the NFL Waiver Wire? Perhaps you have been doing so for quite some time. But there may be those who follow the LA Rams, or the NFL in general, who have never dallied in the exercise. While I will admit that I am not expert in the field, I have used the tools that are readily available at times to do some research over the availability of players in a particular position group.

And so, it occurred to me that perhaps it's as good of a time as any to share what I've learned, and give everyone who so desires the opportunity to check it out for themselves. It's not a difficult matter at all, but it does need to come with a few tips to avoid the trial and error method of learning what information can find on the site.

For starters, this list is comprehensive. Each month is shown in reverse chronological order. That means the latest and most recent data is shown first. If there are more names than one screen can display, there is a "NEXT PAGE," button at the bottom of the page. But beware! There is no "Previous Page" button as you move on the page, so be sure that you get any information from that page before moving on. The site lists player transactions in the following categories:

NFL Waiver Wire categories

Trades - This lists the players who are traded, and will have activity after the 2023 NFL season starts on March 15, at 1:00 pm PT.

Signings - This list reflects the players (free agents) who have been signed to teams' rosters. Right now, the signings reflect players signed to Reserve/Future contracts.

Reserve List - This typically reflects the players who are placed on injured reserve.

Waivers - This list is one you need to pay attention to. The list not only names players who are released by teams, but if you check the top will show From and To teams. That means, it will also detail the team who is awarded that player via waivers if it should occur. You can identify which players have been claimed by waivers as their From and To team icons are different.

Terminations - This list is seldom populated, but when it is, it's worth a look. A player who is not subject to NFL Waivers is reflected here. One such player to keep an eye on is former Raiders QB Derek Carr, who has be terminated by the Las Vegas Raiders. He is a free agent, and can be signed by any team at any time.

Other - Occasionally, a player falls into a category that does not match any of the previously listed categories. When that happens, they are listed here. It's not common, but a category that you should keep an eye on.

While the list is comprehensive, it is NOT sortable nor is it filtered. If you want to see which defensive backs have been waived, you can find the answer on the NFL Waiver Wire site, but you will have to do the heavy lifting of toggling through each page of data. For example, on Sunday, February 19, 2023, I wanted to search for defensive backs who have been waived. So I open the NFL Waiver Wire site, move to the Waivers category, and then ensure that I am on the most current month, in this example I go to February 2023.

Once I get there, I note the names of three players who fit my criteria: DB Tae Hayes (Patriots), Chris Lammons (Chiefs), and Trayvon Mullen (Cowboys). Or do they? Upon closer inspection, I notice that Lammons has been assigned to the Bengals, and that Mullen has been assigned to the Ravens.

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There is plenty of information to be discovered at the NFL Waiver Wires site, but proceed with caution. Because it is not filtered or sortable, answers are not readily available. But if you want to determine which players are available for the LA Rams roster, you can't beat this free and easy source of timely information. Check it out for yourself.