LA Rams Roster: Work in Process as team signs 1 waives 3

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp
Los Angeles Rams Training Camp / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

The LA Rams roster is a rather fluid role call right now. And that is completely understandable as the team drafted 14 rookies from the 2023 NFL Draft, and then proceeded to agree to terms with 26 more rookies after the draft. That is a busload of 40 never been to the NFL before rookies who have all been brought to the LA Rams organization to compete for roster slots and playing time.

It's those 26 undrafted LA Rams players from the rookie class of 2023 who are making the headlines today. Well, four of the 26 to be more exact. Of that group, the LA Rams have positive news for one rookie and disappointing news for three rookies. So what is the news? NFL Insider Aaron Wilson shared the news on Monday, May 15, 2023:

Okay, so that's a lot of pre-training camp activity. So what do we know about these four players? Unfortunately, we're a bit behind schedule as the Rams have only added 40 new faces during and immediately following the 2023 NFL Draft. But as some have shown up long enough to wave goodbye, let's look at the three players who were waived almost as soon as they arrived:

Rookie WR: Waived

When the LA Rams agreed to terms with undrafted rookie wide receiver Tyler Hudson, the Rams added one more offensive weapon to a fairly crowded room to start with. I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed by Hudson's nearly instantaneous release, as he had enough intrigue to pose some NFL promise and potential.

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I always sit up in my seat a bit taller when I see a wide receiver with some height, and 6-foot-2 193-pound wide receiver Tyler Hudson had that. Most of Hudson's draft profiles were encouraging enough to project him as a strong possibility for the Rams roster as a player signed to the practice squad. He was touted for soft hands and the ability to catch the ball. He was also cited for his tendency to gear down to make the catch and bobble the ball on occasion. The only logical reason for any prospect release this early is either related to a medical exam or smoothing out the roster.

Rookie DB: Waived

The fact that the LA Rams agreed to terms with rookie defensive back Jaiden Woodbey, only to turn right around and immediately release him, was a bit curious. After all, Woodbey had all of the potential to make the Rams roster as an undrafted rookie safety. And with the team in the hunt for contributors on special teams, Woodbey appeared to be one of the new additions to have a legitimate shot in that ST role.

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I was particularly intrigued by the physical qualities of Woodbey. He is reportedly 6-foot-1 and weighs a robust 231 pounds. That is the size that can go toe-to-toe with NFL tight ends, and he held his own when tasked to do so. He also was touted as a safety with good ball tracking and pass-defense skills. I was hopeful that Woodbey might have a chance to compete for ST play and learn the role of NFL safety over time. But that is not to be it seems.

Rookie OLB: Waived

Perhaps the most disappointing name of waived rookies on this list is that of OLB Matthew Jester, simply because there were so many headlines that could come from his last name from any games where he was making plays. Jester is a lightly scouted senior outside linebacker out of Princeton but has all of the size and power of an NFL edge rusher. Ranked as the 96th OLB on BNBs draft board, Jester stands 6-foot-3 and weighs a burly 252 pounds.

What is also very disappointing is the fact that he was also touted as a possible Rams fullback, but has often been the case in recent years, the bread crumbs dropped by the Rams indicating a chance of adding a fullback to the offense leads to nowhere once more.

Lone signing in recent report

The lone positive news, particularly from the player's perspective, is that the LA Rams signed undrafted rookie defensive back Timarcus Davis. So who is the cheese who is standing alone from the Rams roster update? A player who is a bit surprising, to be sure. Per NFL Draft Countdown, Timarcus Davis is the 114th-ranked cornerback in this draft class.

Timarcus Davis stands 5-foot-11 and weighs 180 pounds, which is not outside of the norm for an incoming rookie cornerback. He was a rotational player who transferred to ASU after one year of play at Baylor, and quickly endeared himself to ASU head coach Herm Edwards:

"(He is) really quick twitch (muscles), eager to learn. He's got a chance to help us. He's going to play. It's going to hard to keep him off the field." - per ASU HC Herm Edwards when discussing CB Timarcus Davis.

While there is not a lot of solid information about Davis, this is a worthwhile read covering 2020. Over the course of his five seasons in NCAA football, Davis appeared in 41 games, recording 95 tackles, 10 passes defensed, three interceptions, two fumble recoveries, and one forced fumble.

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Will Davis be able to translate his college experience into an NFL career? Well, Herm Edwards was an NFL defensive back who excelled in the secondary. You could presume that he knows what it takes to succeed at the NFL level, and he was never short of praises for Timarcus Davis. So who knows? This could be the start of a beautiful friendship, and NFL career.