LA Rams rumors: 2 rumored coaching hires are far more important than you know

Los Angeles Rams,l Sean McVay
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THe LA Rams suffered 10 coaches lost in the 2023-24 coaching carousel, a ridiculously high number if you consider the Rams were a 3-6 team at one point in the 2023 NFL season. But when it comes to the LA Rams coaching staff, annual vacancies are a given. And this football team has become quite adept and experienced at identifying, interviewing, and hiring some of the best football minds available, whether unemployed, working in other NFL football organizations, or rising among the coaching ranks of college football programs.

The sheer weight of coaches lost each season is incredibly burdensome on the Rams organization. Whether real or perceived, the burden to interview and replace so many quality coaches dilutes the ability of this organization to pivot seamlessly from one season to the next. The burden seems to be born unevenly each year, with the Rams forced to yolk the lion's share of supplying new coaches to the other 31 NFL teams.

The burden is so focused on the organization, that I believe the NFL should consider either limiting the number of coaches hired elsewhere in any given year by one team or considering some form of compensation to incentivize teams that are unduly pillaged each year. A third and perhaps more palatable option would be to allow any NFL team adversely impacted by a loss of four or more coaches in any hiring cycle (not fired) to be allowed to start their offseason workouts a week early.

Still, the team has plenty of history at going through this in the past. Unlike the aftermath of winning Super Bowl LVI, the Rams have demonstrated a far more disciplined process of vetting coaching candidates, and seem to be emphasizing their ability to work with younger players, communicating at high levels in all scenarios, and possessing a sound fundamental knowledge of football that is independent of the Rams strategy and philosophy.

Coaching hires, which we have all witnessed first-hand, may be one of the most critical steps to building a championship team. After the Super Bowl LVI victory, the rush and shortcuts to add new coaches seemed to backfire when the team was pummeled by incessant injuries. Coaches were forced to face indomitable scenarios, muck like Star Trek's infamous Kobayashi Maru scenario, the no-win scenario.

So let's recap the team's coaching losses, and plug in the rumored new hires who are anticipated to join the coaching staff in 2024: