LA Rams rumors: 2 rumored coaching hires are far more important than you know

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Why these two hires could be their most important of 2024

Even as the LA Rams offense enjoyed a renaissance in 2023, the future of the team's offense remains quite murky. The team witnessed how desperately their fortunes depend on the health and durability of veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Cooper Kupp in 2022. Even with the surprising discovery of rookie wide receiver Puka Nacua in 2023, alongside the team's resurging performance of QB Matthew Stafford in 2023, the team's passing game and quarterback room remains shrouded in the fog of uncertainty.

It's that imminent lack of confidence in what the future may hold for the team's passing arsenal, and quarterback status, that makes the roles of the new quarterback coach and the new pass game specialist so very important to the success of the team.

Even while the team has no expectation of a sudden and sharp decline for either Stafford or Kupp in 2024, the tenure of both the team's new QB coach and Pass Game Specialist are such that both hires should be expected to be able to address any challenges or complications should either Stafford or Kupp fall to a serious injury, or perhaps even opt to retire.

As of today, the Rams roster is quite vulnerable to either scenario. The Rams have can depend on second-year WR Puka Nacua to handle much of the receiving responsibilities. But who is the WR2 in that scenario if Cooper Kupp is not able to suit up? The future becomes far darker if the Rams are suddenly faced with a prolonged absence of Matthew Stafford. As of today, the Rams option are two untested young arms: QB Stetson Bennett or QB Dresser Winn. Neither of which has proven to be capable of handling the responsibility of starting for this team for any number of consecutive games.

Both new hires will be expected to aid in formulating action plans to address the depth and succession plans for both quarterbacks and receivers in the years ahead. With so much responsibility facing the team's new hires, what can we tell you about them today?