LA Rams rumors: 2 rumored coaching hires are far more important than you know

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What should you know about the new Pass Game Specialist?

The LA Rams have reached out to an unlikely source, the Iowa State Cyclones, to find their next Pass Game Specialist. He is Nate Scheelhaase, the former Iowa State offensive coordinator. So why did the team reach out for an NCAA coach for such an imporant role? Well, we have some information that can help explain the interest:

Reason III: Scheelhaase has a tremendous offensive background

Nate Scheelhaase played quarterback for the University of Illinois as recently as 2013. He returned to the Illinois football team in 2015 as a running backs coach. He became the offensive analyst in 2016 through 2017 NCAA seasons. He joined Iowa State to coach their running backs in 2018. He also coached wide receivers in 2018. He was promoted to Offensive Coordinator in December 2022, after the team fired OC Tom Manning after the offense struggled in 2022.

Reason II: Cyclones offense improved six points per game after promoting Scheelhaase to OC

It was the Iowa State offense that placed Nate Scheelhaase on the short list of rising NCAA coaching stars. In 2023, Iowa State's offense improved dramatically, averaging 26.2 points per game, up from the previous season's average of just 20.2 points per game. That spike in offensive output allowed the team to finish the season with a 7-6 record.

He brings more than creative play-making to the table. Under Scheelhaase’s leadership, the Cyclones boast the seventh-ranked collegiate offense in red zone efficiency (31-for-33) in 2023 and finished the 2023 season with a 6-3 record in Big 12 Conference play (7-6 overall).

Reason I: He coached alongside 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy and coach Rocc Becht

It may be easy to forget the fact that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy played four seasons for the Iowas State Cyclones, from 2018 through 2021. And while he played for the Cyclones, Nate Scheelhaase was coaching running backs and wide receivers for the team.

Scheelhaase has also been instrumental in coach up current Iowa State quarterback Rocco Becht. The redshirt freshman earned the Big 12 Offensive Freshman of the Year award after throwing for 3,120 yards and 23 touchdowns. With the Rams looking to a successor to QB Matthew Stafford, getting insider information on a quarterback of Becht's quality could be infinitely advantageous in the future.